All about Aurangabad

Discover all the monuments of Aurangabad

Aurangabad has been declared capital of Maharashtra Tourism. Unfortunately only the Ellora and Ajanta caves are known. We invite you to discover this city center of the Mughal world in the 17th century. We will show you all about Aurangabad.

Tour details

This tour will show you all the beauty of Aurangabad. You will see the system of fortification, irrigation that made this city the center of the Mughal Empire. You will also discover the last palace still intact of the region. We will go back in history to admire the artificial caves that make Maharashtra famous and we will end with the finest example of Mogul architecture in the region. After the day, you will know all about Aurangabad.

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What we offer you during the tour


We will pick up and drop off you in your hotel.


The entries of all the monuments visited are included. In some places, a donation is appreciated which will be at our expense. You are free to do one too.


During all the tour, you will have the service of a tour guide and driver experimented.


During the tour, we will invite you to a snack or taste local products. We also include all taxes and parking prices.

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