Tours in Maharashtra

Our tours in Maharashtra are unique and explains you the history, architecture, culture of this region of India which is unknown and forgotten. You can choose a tour from our packages or contact us to customise your tour.

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The golden triangle
15 days tour in Maharashtra

We invite you for discover the golden triangle of Maharashtra: Mumbai, Nashik and Aurangabad. Three cities completely different. One is modern city, one is mythological city and the last one is historical city.

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Ancient capital of India

Before being the capital of India, Aurangabad was the city of Malik Ambar, an Ethiopian slave became prime minister of Nizam of Ahmednagar. This rich history has left many monuments to visit.

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3 capitals
Visit 3 capitals in one day

Aurangabad and its region have the particularity of having 3 capitals within a radius of 20 kilometers. A spiritual capital and two capitals of empires including the Mughal Empire when it ruled the entire Indian peninsula.

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The sacred city of Ram

Nashik is a mythological city which appear in Ramayana. It’s conserved its sacred character. The city became also the wine capital of India

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The holy city of sikhs

Nanded is one of the fourth sacred cities in Sikhism. The last guru, Gobind Singh died here. A beautiful gurudwara (temple) was made for show him respect.

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Ancien capital of empire

Paithan was the capital of one of the first empire in Indian continent. From this rich past, there still have beautiful saris called Paithani sari. The environement is very protected also here

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Lonar lake
Geology and history

The Lonar Lake was formed by the fall of a meteorite. It is the third largest crater in the world. In the past, men built magnificent temples all around this lake. Today it is a natural reserve where we can see peacocks, monkeys, ducks and other wild animals.

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Sai baba temple

Shirdi is famous for its temple dedicated to Sai Baba. He is one of the few saints who is respected and revered by Hindus and Muslims. Every day, the temple is filled with faithful people who come to pay homage to him.

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Sport and discovery

Aurangabad is surrounded by mountains. One of the most emblematic mountain is Gogababa Mountain. This place gets beautiful by the sunrise and surrounded environment

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Customize tours

Draw your tour

You want to customise own tour or you are more than 3 people. We suggest you contact us to customise your tour according to your desires.

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How to prepare tours in Aurangabad?

5 keys to decide

1- Determine your time

Travelling to India can be very frustrating. People would like to see everything but it’s not possible.Don’t forget that India is a huge country like a continent. It’s the same for Aurangabad region.

This is why you must first determine the time you have to visit the city and its region. If you only have 2 days, there are things you will not able to see. We always advise people who wish to understand the history and culture of Aurangabad to stay 3 to 4 days at least.

2- Determine what you want to do

We always adapt our tours according to our customers. If you are passionate about history, we will tell you about the great men who made Aurangabad, an empire’s capital. If you are interested in culture, we will make you discover this particular region of India. If you are crazy about photos, we will show you the best spots with the best angles to click the best photos.

3- Determine your budget

We have created tours that fit best on all budgets. We have either 2,3 or 8 hours of tours in Aurangabad. Prices varies as per the time and places to visit. However, all our tours offer pick-up and drop off at your hotel, an experienced, passionate guide and quality service. We want to share our passion with you, that’s why our tours fit your budget.

4- Get inform on next events

The best way to know what to see is to get informed. For Aurangabad, it is little more complicated because there is not too much information sources. But we offer you some. You can see guide book le petit futé, our blog, our Facebook ,our Instagram

5- Ask us all your questions

We will always be answerable  to your questions and guide you best in the preparation of your trip. As we are passionate, we will answer all your questions concerning Aurangabad and its region and not just only our tours. Feel free to send us an email at

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