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About Akvin Tourism

Since 2017, Akvin Tourism offers to visit India in a different way. Our agency is the fruit of the meeting of its two directors, Akash Dhumne and Vincent Pasquinelli.

Akash Dhumne: founding director

“I am proud to be in Aurangabad when I really discovered the history of this city and it will be immense pleasure for me to make it discover to the greatest number.”

I am proud to call myself a native of Aurangabad. After completing a degree in Engineering abroad and spending some time travelling I realised my true passion lay in tourism. I returned to Aurangabad determined to further develop my knowledge of its history and the stories behind some of the amazing things to see.

Of course I was familiar with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Ellora and Ajanta caves but I also knew of many other interesting hidden gems in the area.

I studied the history of the area and spent time researching the many inspiring stories until I felt confident that I could provide a first class tour experience with the personal touches only a native could bring.

Sharing the hidden places

Along with my partner Vincent, a keen history buff with extensive experience in the tourism industry we created Akvin Tourism. Since then, I explore Maharashtra for find hidden treasure. We are very proud to lead our guests on a unique and fascinating discovery of our wonderful area.

I am sure if you see Aurangabad and Maharashtra once as I see it, you will definitely fall in love with this city.

Vincent Pasquinelli: founding director

“When I arrived in Maharashtra, I never had a thought that I will fall in love with this state, with its history, its culture and its people.”

After a license of sustainable tourism, I left for a year in Barcelona where I worked as a tour guide. I am passionate about this job.

A meeting that changed my life

It was during a trip to Taiwan that I met Akash who invited me to visit his city in India. While looking for information, I thought that Aurangabad had little interest just like Maharashtra.

When I arrived, Akash showed me monuments that I had not seen on the internet. I started researching the city’s past. I realized that Aurangabad was an important city for the history of India.

During meetings with historians, I also discovered the historical importance of Maharashtra and especially its particularity in relation to the rest of India.

So we decided to create our tour agency to show you the hidden treasures and the history and culture of the Maharashtra.

Why travel with us?

A trip to India whether it’s first or not, it’s always a special moment. There is so much to see and do. It is easy to get lost. Here are 3 reasons to travel with us.

Sustainable tourism

When we created Akvin Tourism, we decided to take advantage of tourism development to the greatest number. That’s why part of our profits are used for social actions. You can see our commitment to the development of the region.

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Unique tours

We want to share with you our passion for Maharashtra. That’s why we take special care of our tours. We offer you the opportunity to discover the history, culture and spirituality of this state.

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More services

We also offer homestay accommodation with dinner included to share more about Maharashtra culture. We have also the opportunity to create a circuit to your image according to your interests.

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What our customers say about Akvin Tourism

“The room on the roof can be kept completely private. The host is a young brilliant conductor who suggests how to enjoy around Aurangabad from various angles. He who uses Hindi and English perfectly takes great care not to be in trouble in the local cities of India. His family also greeted me warmly and gave me the opportunity to experience delicious food and different cultures. I really recommend it.”


“This is the easy way to tour this city, hire a driver and car. And our choice of Akvin tourism was as good as all other reviewers have stated. Our driver never took us nor even asked to go to any shops so no wasted time. Dont even think about it, hire them for your stay in Aurangabad.”


“We had a wonderful tour organized by Akash and Vincent around Aurangabad. Pre-trip planning over email was easy and efficient. Vincent welcomed us at the airport (we were there only for a day trip) and took us on a great tour starting with the Ellora Caves, followed by Daulatabad Fort, and finally Bibi Ka Maqbara. We learned a lot from Vincent’s knowledgeable explanations about these places, including their history, religious and social significance.”


Some photos of Maharashtra by Akvin Tourism

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