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Ajanta Caves, Buddhist religious art

Ajanta caves

The Ajanta Caves were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983, along with the Ellora Caves

On the other hand, they are only Buddhists. Indeed, the 29 caves that comprise the site are either temples or refuges for monks during the rainy season.

Their location in the middle of nature has meant that for a long time they have disappeared. This is a tiger hunting party organized by John Smith, in 1819, which will allow the rediscovery of these wonders.

Originally, all the caves were painted. Unfortunately, a large part of the paintings have now disappeared. A huge effort to protect what remains has been undertaken by the authorities in recent years.

Ajanta caves visit
  • The site of the Ajanta Caves is accessible by many stairs. We advise you to plan a whole day for visiting the caves. It takes between 2 to 4 hours. The caves are about 2 hours from Aurangabad.
  • Wear light clothes that covers a large part of the body. Some caves are still considered temples.
  • Bring a bottle of water because there is no shop inside the site (only sellers on the sly).
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  • If you wish we can offer a guide that will accompany you from beginning to end and that will give you very interesting information throughout the trip

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