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Preparing your itinerary of India is the first step for a successful trip. If your itinerary will take you to Aurangabad, here is a list of 10 things you can do during your stay in this city.

What are the things to do in Aurangabad? When you arrive in a new city, and more in a city like Aurangabad, you always have this moment when you say what can I do here. Aurangabad is not a city that is easily revealed. Here are some tips to make your stay in Aurangabad an unforgettable one.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to do in Aurangabad. This list is not about the monuments to visit but rather a list of additional things to do during your stay.

Explore the city and its history, the most important things to do in Aurangabad

Of course, when you come to visit Aurangabad it is for very famous caves of Ellora and Ajanta, most tourists come only for that. These UNESCO World Heritage monuments are must-see. Nevertheless, Aurangabad has also been the capital of two great empires throughout the centuries. From this glorious past, there are still many monuments to discover. On our blog, we talk about some of these monuments. If you want to have time to see the caves and the rest of the monuments, plan between 3 to 5 days in Aurangabad.

Discover how a fort became the capital of an empire, follow the footsteps of the last Mughal emperor, understand the religious tolerance that reigned in Maharashtra. Here is a sample of what the city can offer you. For that, do not listen to the lonely planet or the backpacker’s guide which will tell you to stay only 2 days in Aurangabad. A 3 day stay is really a minimum to discover all the hidden wonders of the region. You can read some of our articles which talks about Daultabad, the capital of the Sultanate of Delhi or discover the incredible history of Malik Ambar or even visit the old royal garden. These articles will guide to prepare a trip to India in a best way.

Take a glass of sugar cane juice.

The sugar cane juice will be made in front of you. You can ask for it with or without an ice cube. Ideal when you are thirsty and need to regain energy. As you drink it fresh you will enjoy its virtues. And there are many. It is a natural source of vitamin B1, B2, B3 and vitamin C. It is especially good to drink when you have sunstroke issues. Our favourite is the one in front of Daultabad fort because in addition to the juice, you can enjoy the view. Add this to your list of things to do in Aurangabad.

Eat cucumber with masala.

Masala is a blend of Indian spices that are usually spicy. In India, many of the products we are used to eating are embellished with this blend. Crisps, rusks, cookies. The most surprising thing I found is dried bananas with masala. We expect to eat something sweet and in fact we finish with fire in mouth. There is however a use of masala in Aurangabad which is very good. It’s cucumber with masala. You can buy some at the entrance of the Ellora caves, in front of the Daultabad fort or in front of the Bibi ka Maqbara. Ask them to cut the cucumber before you eat to be sure of its freshness.

Physical exercise at Himayat Bagh

It is good for health. Every morning, the people of Aurangabad go to the parks to do sports. Enjoy the morning freshness to get to Himayat Bagh. This ancient royal garden is very popular with morning walkers. You will come across groups of women who does walking, young people jogging, men doing yoga. In addition, you will admire the remains of its grandeur or the view of the Bibi ka Maqbara at the end of Baugh. For optimal pleasure, it is best to go between 6 and 8 am. At this time, you will have the chance to see peacocks.

Himayat Bagh

Himayat Bagh

Go to the cinema.

Watching movies at theatre is one of the most likeable things of Indians. The Bollywood industry is the largest in terms of annual production. Coming to India and not going to the cinema is losing a unique experience. There are lots of cinemas in Aurangabad. In the Prozone shopping centre, there is a cinema called INOX. It is convenient because the employees speak English. My favorite is the INOX Tapadia. This one very often offers Marathi films. Far from Bollywood, full of dances and songs, with not very risky scenarios, Marathi films are generally better themed and address complex societal themes. In addition, they are usually with subtitles in English.

Play cricket with children

Cricket is like the national sport in India. It is like one of the religious act. On the day of match, businesses are idling. And when it’s international matches against Pakistan, you hear the fervour in every street in the city. It is very common to see children playing cricket on the street or in the parks. Do not hesitate to approach and ask them to participate. They will love playing with you.

Cricket with kids

Customer playing cricket

Shopping in the old town.

It’s called the old city, the city that was inside the ramparts. By deformation, we call this part of the city, the Muslim part because the majority of its inhabitants are Muslim. There are also more mosques than temples. In any case, it is the best place to do business. A sari, jewels, fabrics, spices, they almost got everything. Stroll through these narrow streets and you will capture the unstoppable atmosphere of Indian bazaars. The little extra thing, you can drink a sugar cane juice or eat ice cream to regain strength.

Yoga with Manish

Manish has been a yoga teacher for many years. He studied engineering but his discovery with yoga was a revelation. He visited the major ashrams from India to perfect his learning. Manish graduated in Yoga Therapy, E-RYT500 and Naturopathic and Yogic Massage. Now, he is teaching holistically so that your yoga practice is most relevant to you, your body and your mind. You can contact Manish on his Facebook or by phone at +919986313907.

Yoga with Manish

Yoga with Manish it’s things to do in Aurangabad.

Have a drink at Keys

As we have already discussed in a previous post. Keys bar has an extremely pleasant terrace for a drink. The menu is big enough to find everything you want, non-alcoholic cocktails, beer, wine, whiskey, etc … Young and old alike gather on this terrace to enjoy the fresh evening air . If you are hungry, they got tasty biryanis. With drinks, they usually offers appetisers. One of them is fresh cucumber, carrot with masala.

Enjoy a good massage

This is the most relaxing things to do in Aurangabad. Ayurveda is an ancient medicine that has always accompanied India in its evolution. In Aurangabad, we are fortunate to have good massage institutes. The best of them is at the MGM college. You have to call them to make an appointment. You will first see an Ayurvedic doctor who will establish the massage you need. Then you will enjoy the expertise of the masseurs who will make you feel relaxed. All for 1500 rupees. Do not hesitate to contact them during your stay at +91 2406541446.

If you want to know more about India, you can start today your trip with travel in India from home. This group can help you to prepare your trip and create the list of things to do in Aurangabad.



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