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Discover the spiritualities of India

L’Inde est le seul pays au monde à l’oIndia is the only country in the world to have created 4 religions. To this must be added the presence of other religions such as Islam and Zoroastrianism. We invite you to discover these spiritualities on a unique tour.

From 1390 euros per person

15 days to discover Indian spirituality / 14 nights

Tour: Mumbai- Nashik- Khuldabad- Ajanta- Ellora- Nanded

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Itinerary summary

Day 1: Arrival in Mumbai, welcome and check-in at hotel

Day 2: Visit Mumbai’s temples

Day 3: Transfer to Nashik. Participation in evening ceremony

Day 4: Visit to the old town of Nashik

Day 5: Visit to Mangi Tungi, the world’s largest Jain statue

Day 6: Visit to modern Nashik and vineyards

Day 7: Transfer to Aurangabad. Visit a himroo workshop.

Day 8: Visit to Ellora caves

Day 9: Visit to Ajanta caves

Day 10: Participation in Shivatri ceremony

Day 11: Transfer to Nanded

Day 12: Visit Nanded

Day 13: Visit Hottal temples

Day 14: Return to Mumbai

2 weeks to discover the spiritualities of India

Embark on a Journey: Unveiling Maharashtra – A Land of Religious Diversity

Maharashtra, an extraordinary Indian state, serves as the cradle for the roots of four of the world’s major religions. Join us in delving into this exceptional and captivating spiritual landscape.

Why Maharashtra?

This state distinguishes itself as the sole region in India where three sacred cities of different faiths coexist in perfect harmony. It is also home to the world’s largest Jain statue and iconic landmarks such as the Buddhist caves of Ajanta and Ellora, which bear testimony to the essence of three distinct religions.

This region offers an immersive insight into what makes India spiritually unparalleled.

We present an exclusive tour designed to lead you through the tapestry of ancient and modern India, unveiling unique locales. You’ll have the opportunity to grasp the intricate interplay between each religion and the local dynamics.

Your voyage commences in Mumbai, a bustling metropolis interwoven with ancient spiritual sanctuaries and an unmistakable religious fervor. Next, you’ll journey to Nashik, Maharashtra’s premier holy city. Linked to the deity Ram and the epic Ramayana—a foundational Hindu text—this city hosts a unique site, housing the world’s largest Jain statue.

Following Nashik, your itinerary will guide you to Aurangabad, a site steeped in history as the former capital of Sufism in the 14th century. Here, you’ll explore the renowned Ellora and Ajanta caves, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to partake in the Shivatri celebrations within a local village, immersing yourself in the local customs.

Concluding this exceptional journey, you’ll venture to Nanded, one of Sikhism’s four holy cities. A guided tour will offer insights into this religion, followed by a visit to Hottal to explore a meticulously restored ancient temple.

This comprehensive 14-day excursion promises a deep dive into India’s cultural and spiritual abundance. Secure your spot on this unique adventure by booking now.

The tour includes breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is usually taken at the hotel.

Lunch can be taken in the restaurants we have selected, or in the homes of local people.

A dinner is included in this tour, on the evening of the Shivatri celebrations.

The food served is Indian. This very fragrant and colorful food can sometimes be spicy. In the guide you will receive to prepare your trip, you will learn how to train yourself with this food.

We take great care in selecting the hotels we offer. All the hotels selected for this tour are at least 3-star. In all cases, the room has a private bathroom with Western-style toilet.

Examples of hotels offered :

In Bombay (Mumbai): Bentley Hotel

In Aurangabad: Amapret

The price per person for this tour depends on the number of people booked:

  • From 1 to 4 people, the rate is 1590 euros
  • For more than 5 people, the rate is 1490 euros per person (up to a maximum of 10 people).

The tour is guaranteed for a minimum of two people.

For bookings of more than 4 people, please contact us.

Included in this tour :

  • Accommodation in a double room
  • Breakfast and lunch every day except the first day (vegetarian menu)
  • Transportation (plane, cab, train and bus)
  • Entrance fees to monuments
  • Guides throughout the trip
  • Dinner during Shivatri celebrations
  • Essential travel tips (PDF download)
  • Price guaranteed on booking

Excluded from this tour:

  • Dinners (except Shivatri evening)
  • Personal purchases, drinks and tips
  • International flights and airport taxes
  • Visa fees
  • Repatriation assistance insurance
  • Everything not included

Day 1: Arrival in Mumbai, welcome and check-in at hotel. Short visit to Colaba

Day 2: After breakfast, you’ll head for Malabar Hill to discover the city’s various ancient temples. We’ll also pass by the Towers of Silence and Haji Ali Dargah.

Day 3: Transfer to Nashik by train. Evening ceremony on the banks of the Godavari River.

Day 4: An important episode of the Ramayana took place in Nashik. You’ll visit the various sites of this mythical story.

Day 5: After breakfast, we head for Mangi Tungi mountain, home to the world’s largest Jain statue. For the more courageous, we’ll climb the 2,500 steps to the top of the mountain.

Day 6: Nashik is also the wine capital of India. After visiting an ancient temple, you’ll head off to a vineyard to learn more about this culture.

Day 7: Transfer to Aurangabad by train. Visit a himroo workshop.

Day 8: Head for the Ellora caves. This unique site boasts 36 caves from 3 different religions. After lunch, visit Khuldabad, the 14th-century capital of Sufism.

Day 9: The Ajanta caves are world-famous for their rock paintings. Explore this very important spiritual center between the 5th and 7th centuries.

Day 10: Shivatri ceremony. These celebrations are in honor of the god Shiva. You’ll go to a small village to take part in the celebrations with the locals.

Day 11: Transfer to Nanded by train

Day 12: Nanded is the place where the last Sikh human guru died. The gurudwara that owns his grave has become sacred to the Sikhs. Discover this unique religion by visiting the city’s most important sites.

Day 13: On this last day of the tour, you’ll visit Hottal to see the efforts made by the authorities to protect and restore the ancient temples.

Day 14: Return to Mumbai by train.

  • Shivatri celebrations

This tour allows you to take part in Shivatri celebrations. This celebration takes you to a village where you’ll see villagers lighting candles in a barav (water tank).

  • Visits to UNESCO sites and holy cities

This tour takes you to 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition, you’ll discover other exceptional sites such as Mangi Tungi, Nanded and Nashik.

  • A variety of approaches

Our aim is to introduce you to Indian spirituality without proselytizing or criticizing. Our aim is to explain how these spiritualities still influence the lives of millions of Indians today.

The next departure date for this spiritual tour is February 28, 2024.

Groups are limited to 10 people. Guarantee your place by contacting us today.

Cancellation policy

At the time of booking, you pay 10% of the tour total. The balance is due two months before departure.

  • In the event of border closure:
    • Up to one week before departure, the tour will be fully refunded.
    • From 7 days before departure, the trip will be refunded in full, less booking fees (approx. 80 euros).
  • In the event of cancellation :
    • 60 days before departure: 100% refund
    • between 60 and 30 days before departure: 50% of price refunded
    • between 30 and 15 days before departure: 25% of price refunded
    • no refund will be made for cancellations made two weeks prior to departure.

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