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Trekking tour in Aurangabad

From 1500 rupees (20 euros, 23 dollars approximately )

Three hours trekking tours in Aurangabad’s mountains

Trekking tours in Aurangabad


Trekking in Aurangabad: a trek for everyone

Aurangabad city is surrounded by mountains. This gives a chance to offer different levels of trekking.

The Abandoned Cave: the easiest trekking tour in Aurangabad

This tour takes you through a very small urbanisation where you can see statue of Buddha. We will then climb the little hill to access an abandoned cave. This place gives an idea about how the Ellora and Ajanta caves were built. From there, we will climb on a plateau which allows us to observe/have the city view. This is where we will have breakfast. During the return journey, you will see the Bibi ka Maqbara, the masterpiece of Mughal architecture in Aurangabad.

Gogababa: Medium level trekking

It is the most famous trek in Aurangabad. Every Sunday, sportsmen come to climb this sacred mountain. The first part is the most sporty. Indeed, for half an hour, we will climb the mountain. Once at the top, we will observe the Hindu temple. We will then go towards a tree which is 800 years old to have breakfast under the nature. We will take the same path to come back.

One tree hill: reserved for the most athletic people

This trek includes a lot of climbing on the rock and especially difficult while coming down. Its difficulty allows less crowd to visit this place. Suddenly, nature has taken over here. At its plateau you can see buzzards, birds, lizards etc. We will also observe the many monuments that we can see from the top of this mountain. We will have a breakfast in the shade of the tree which gives the mountain its name.

The price of each trek is 1500 rupees (20 euros, 23 dollars approximately)


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  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Souvenir shopping
  • All that is not mentioned in inclusion

The abandoned cave

  • Meet at the Aurangabad caves intersection point.
  • Exploration of off beat area.
  • Trek to the abandoned cave
  • Trek to the top of the mountain
  • Breakfast
  • Return journey to the Aurangabad caves intersection point

Gogababa hill

  • Meet at the base of Gogababa hill
  • Climbing to the temple
  • Observation of the sunrise
  • Walk to the tree
  • Breakfast
  • Return way to the base of Gogababa

The one tree hill

  • Meet at Khandoba temple
  • Visit to the ancient Khandoba temple
  • Climbing till the top of one tree hill
  • Visit the plateau at the top of the mountain
  • Breakfast under the unique tree
  • Return journey
  • Walking tour
  • Visit to off beat place
  • Exploring nature outside of the city

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