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Maharashtra is a state in central India. It is not known to be very touristic. Still it has many treasures. To know this unknown state, we choose a list of the 10 places to visit in Maharashtra.

Aurangabad: the city of gates


Back in 17th century, city had 52 gates. Following this, Aurangabad became the city of gates. Now, it holds a tag of capital of tourism in Maharashtra. Aurangabad is widely known for Ajanta and Ellora caves. These two places are UNESCO world heritage sites. Both offer a variety of sightseeing. It talks about Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Ajanta is popular for its beautiful paintings. In other hand, Ellora is famous for sculptures dated to 6-7th century.

This city is also keeping another magical hidden gems such as Daultabad fort (Devgiri) , Khultabad (Sufi village), Bibi ka maqbara, Panchakki, Aurangabad caves, Soneri Mahal.

You must come here to explore each corners which talks about Mughal history to the core.


Best time to visit: June to February

Duration of trip: 3 to 4 days

Nearest airport : Aurangabad

Nearest train station: Aurangabad


Mumbai: The city of dreams


Bombay (Mumbai) is the economical capital of India. During the British period, the city got a lot of change. Now, the city has 3 UNESCO world heritage sites. If you start first trip in India in Bombay, you are lucky. The city is huge and full of people from all over India. It’s the most western city in Maharashtra.

Bombay is a mixture of modernity and past. The city of dreams welcome you to explore the magnificent Elephanta caves. Mumbai has a lot to offer from the caves to the Sanjay Gandhi national park. From British Victorian Gothic art style to largest slum in Asia. The best places are Victorian museum or CSM museum (Prince of wales), Haji Ali Dargah (during the sunset), Gateway of India, Babulnath temple.

Mumbai (Bombay) never sleep in the night, it calls to live up to your dreams. You can find any kind of world cuisine and also the popular Indian street food on Girgaon Chowpatty.

If you are shopaholic then do not miss to visit street shopping places colaba market, crowford market, chor bazaar for antiques.


Best time to visit: June to March

Duration of trip   : 3 days

Nearest airport   : CSM airport

Nearest train station : Dadar, Andheri, CSMT, Bandra.


Matheran: One of the beautiful place to visit in Maharashtra

Matheran, India, Maharashtra, inde

Matheran is a hill station located at 90km from Mumbai and 81km from Pune. It is a best place during the winter time to get mesmerised in the green lush nature. This sightseeing place doesn’t entertain any vehicles on the hill so you can enjoy the peace with survivable fresh air. If you got time and love hills then take a toy train from Neral station to see the stunning views. To avoid the hustle bustle of the city, Matheran is a best place. This hill stations is also best for trekking. Monsoon lover should explore during July to September.


Best time to visit: Throughout the year  (or October to March)

Duration of trip: 1 to 2 days

Nearest airport: Mumbai or Pune

Nearest train station: Neral


Nashik: One of the holy city of Maharashtra


Nashik city is Maharashtra’s most important city for Hinduism.  It’s an mythological city linked with Ramayana. The Nashik Kumbh Mela is acknowledged to be the most sacred of all the festivals in India.

It is located at 200km from Mumbai, as well as Pune. From Aurangabad, count 3 hours by train (Janshatabdi express). Nashik is also known as capital of wine in India. If you are a wine lover, the month of February is your time when Sula wine festival happens to be most popular here.

The best places to discover are Ramkund to experience the divine side of the city. Trimbakeshwar (Jyotirlinga temple), Bramhagiri giri mountain for trekkers and York vineyard to enjoy the evening by the lake view.


Best time to visit: June to March

Duration of trip: 2 days

Nearest airport: Ozar

Nearest train station: Nashik road


Malvan & Tarkarli: Best for food and leisure


Maharashtra is also known for its beautiful desert beaches which are less known to the domestic tourists as well.

Malvan is known for its cuisine to the best home stay options in Konkan region. Tarkarli offers the clean beaches along with water sports activity. If you are diver or wants to dive, IISDAS (Indian institute of scuba diving & aquatic sports) is a best place.

If you want to relax in beautiful hotels watching over the sea, Tarkarli is definitely one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra.


Best time to visit: September to May

Duration of trip: 3 days

Nearest airport: Kolhapur

Nearest train station: Kudal (30km from Malvan)


Kolhapur: The second capital of Maratha empire



Kolhapur is a rich historical city. It has been holding the past of Maratha empire. Known from Tarabai , a warrior woman who created Kolhapur state. Chatrapati Shahu is also a important person for the city. He brought education and equality. This city has been widely talked in Maharashtra.

City has the blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi, a lot of believers travel from long distances to be visit Mahalaxmi temple. The Maharaja palace is one of the most attractive place in Kolhapur. Now a part of palace has been converted into museum and king’s descendent still lives here. You can also admire the little zoo which has different species of birds, deer, nilgai etc.

If you have more than two days to explore then do visit Panhala fort to get away from hustle bustle of the city. The fort is totally ruined but to get the cool refreshing breeze and know the history, it’s a nice get away place.

This destination also has a Rankala lake in middle of the city. This is where you can try different types of street food. Kolhapuri misal and tambda, pandhara rassa are speciality here.


Best time to visit: July to February

Duration of trip: 2 days

Nearest airport: Kolhapur

Nearest train station: Kolhapur


Tadoba national park: wildlife sanctuary

Tadoba national park

Tadoba is one of oldest national park of Maharashtra. This is one of top place to visit in Maharashtra to explore the nature and wild animals.  In 1955, Tadoba was declared as a national park. This reserve is known for Tigers.  It is one of place to see tigers and other animals like wild dogs, hyenas, sambar etc. It is also largest national park in Maharashtra. If you are keen to see wild animals, explore the wildlife and likes to take wildlife photos, this is your place.

There are specific timings for visiting Tadoba sanctuary, make sure you go at that time. There are Jeep safaris available at the entrance of wildlife sanctuary.

We would suggest to stay nearby Tadoba sanctuary, there are many accommodation available. Best places to stay in Tadoba are Tiger inn resort, Serai tiger camp.


Best time to visit: October to February

Duration of trip: 1 day

Nearest airport: Nagpur (140km away from Tadoba sanctuary)

Nearest train station: Chandrapur (50km)


Nanded-Hottal: Two places to visit in Maharashtra in one tour

Nanded: The holy city of Sikhism


Nanded is one of the three holy cities in Maharashtra. It is a holy city for Sikhism. The presence of Guru Gobind Singh feels here. He was the tenth and last human Guru of the Sikhs. This city stands on the bank of Godavari river, this was the reason for Guru Gobind Singh to choose this place for convention.

The best places to visit in Nanded are Sachkhand Sri Hazur Saheb Gurudwara. It is in the heart of the city, the center location of Nanded. You can also visit Sahastrakund waterfall during monsoon time. It is one of the best scenic location in Nanded.

This city is a symbol of religious beliefs and a combination of history of Sikhism. In the south of Nanded around 37km away, you can visit Kandhar fort. It is one hour drive from Nanded. This fort is a famous tourist destination in Maharashtra.

Hottal: Siddeswar temple and art piece


Hottal, a small village in the south of Nanded. It is located at 90km distance. This village is known for 800 years old Siddheshwar temple. This is one of the fine example of Hemadpanti architecture. Recently, the archaeological department and tourism department has rebuilt this temple which was scattered a long time ago. Now, authorities and our travel agency is trying best to make it a popular tourist attraction in Maharashtra. Every year in January, ASI with the help of tourism department organise a Hottal Mahotsav. If you like Indian classical music and classical dance, you must visit during this time.


Best time to visit: October to February

Duration of trip: 2 days

Nearest airport: Nanded

Nearest train station: Nanded


Bhandardara: a valley on the western ghats of India

Bhandardara, india, inde

This place is the tranquillity of nature. It stands on the western ghats of India. The most beautiful waterfall to most stunning views are the major attractions. Reverse waterfall receives high pressure wind which makes the water turn into reverse direction. People usually throw coins to experience this magic.

    Kokankada view point is a part of Harishchandra gad. It is a beautiful view point to get mesmerised in nature. This place is also known for the history of Marathas. You should visit this place in winter time to appreciate the views. Other nearby tourist attractions are Arthur lake and Wilson dam. These two places are known for camping. We organise fireflies festival in the month of May, if you like to know more details about it, contact us through emails.


Best time to visit: Throughout the year (except March and April)

Duration of trip: 1-2 days

Nearest airport: Mumbai

Nearest train station: Igatpuri


Mahabaleshwar: The queen of hill station

This place is often known as queen of hill stations. It showcase the beautiful landscape with sloppy hills and surrounding trees.

Mahabaleshwar is a popular tourist place to visit in Maharashtra for local people. It is located at 125km distance from Pune and 265km from Mumbai. Elephant’s head point and Venna lake are the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

You can hire a private cab or travel around by government bus to commute in Mahabaleshwar. It has horror house, flower garden, tent houses and other attractions to make your stay joyful. Don’t forget to try strawberries in Mahabaleshwar, this is one of the famous fruit from this area. It is a nice weekend destination in summer time to get away with heat.


Best time to visit: March to December

Duration of trip: 1 to 2 days

Nearest airport: Pune

Nearest train station: Pune or Wathar

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