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We offer you to discover alternative travel in India, far from the traditional tourist circuits. The Maharashtra region is rich in natural, historical and spiritual sites. It’s more than a trip in India it’s a cultural immersion that we offer.

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We offer tours during one day, two days or 15 days in Maharashtra. You also have the possibility of having a taxi service to the UNESCO classified caves of Ellora and Ajanta. We also create custom tours to make your trip in India a unique experience.

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The Ellora  caves are world famous and are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. We offer a taxi service with or without a guide to discover these wonders.

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Discover Maharashtra

By its central position, Maharashtra has a unique history since the second century BC. It is also a state that offers historical, spiritual or relaxing destinations. For your trip to India, choose a tour that will take you closer to Indian culture and history.

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The Ajanta caves were rediscovered in the 19th century. The paintings have made the reputation of these caves which were hidden in mountains. We offer a taxi service with or without a guide.

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About us

Akvin tourism is the result of a meeting. That of Vincent Pasquinelli and Akash Dhumne. The first was graduated in sustainable tourism and former tourist guide in Barcelona. And the second is a training engineer, native of the region. From this meeting was born a deep love for Maharashtra. They invite you to visit this forgotten state in an intimate and passionate way.

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Sustainable tourism as a driver of development

We are at a time when more and more people are asking questions about tourism and its impact on the planet and global warming. That’s why we decided to focus on sustainable tourism. We believe in the meeting of cultures and that is why tourism is important. But it must be done in a reasoned way. We offer a different tourism for your travel in India.

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Make your travel in India an unforgettable moment

We will do everything to make your travel in India as unforgettable as possible. We are at your disposal to make a tour at your image according to your desires.