The Lonar Lake is a salt-soda lake located in Lonar in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India, created by a meteor impact during the Pleistocene epoch. It is the third largest crater in the world and the only one in India. It is the only known crater of hypervelocity basaltic rock on Earth. The Lonar Lake has an average diameter of 1.2 kilometres and is about 137 meters below the edge of the crater. This meteor crater is about 1.8 kilometres in diameter.

The temple of Daitya Sudan

Lonar lake temple

Many temples surround the lake. Most are in ruins today. Only the Daitya Sudan Temple in the center of Lonar Village, which was built in honor of Vishnu’s victory over the giant Lonasur, is in good condition. You can take a ritual bath or just sit and watch the pilgrims prayed. It is a beautiful example of primitive Hindu architecture. When you descend along the lake you can admire the temples dedicated to Vishnumandir, Wagh Mahadev, Mora Mahadev, Munglyacha Mandir and the goddess Kamalaja Devia.

Tours in Aurangabad

Nature is abundant. There are 5 live leopards in the vicinity of the lake, peacocks, ducks of different species and many species of birds. And as often in India, there are curious monkeys who will be happy to ask you for food.

Advise for visit Lonar lake

How to get there:

From Aurangabad, you have to count the day to go back and forth.

By bus: buses travel frequently. You will need to make a change to Jalna. It takes between 250 to 300 rupees. It takes 3-4 hours to reach Lonar Lake.
By car: it is so far the simplest and the fastest option. It takes 2.5 hours to drive to Lonar Lake.

Where to sleep:

This area is not yet a tourist spot and most tourists only spend the day there. The hotel offering is therefore very limited. There is only one hotel for now.

Lonar lake MTDC resort: It offers dorms for 1600 rupees a night or a deluxe room for 1800 rupees. It is right in front of the entrance to go down to the lake.

If you want to discover this beautiful place you can see our tour here.

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