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One of the most frequently asked questions is: when is the best time to come in Aurangabad?
In the tourism sector, there are three periods. The high season, the low season and the off season. Each has disadvantages and advantages. We will talk in detail about it in the second part. First, we will make a geographical presentation of the region.

Aurangabad: the evolutionary desert.

The Aurangabad region is full of contradiction. When you visit the area, you will think that you are in a desert area or in an oasis of greenery, it all depends on season. This contradiction is due to the geographical location and the particular climatic conditions.

The geographical location of the Mughal capital

Aurangabad is 250 kilometers from Mumbai. It is surrounded by mountains, western ghats or valleys.

Because of the mountains around, Aurangabad  never get flooded with water but it is always very hot in summer time, which is dry heat.

Unlike Kerala, a region that remains green all year round despite extreme heat. Aurangabad region sees its landscape evolve according to weather conditions.

Climatic conditions are responsible for changing landscape.

The magical moment in Aurangabad is at the end of June or beginning of July. In first week of monsoon, the heavy rains bring freshness and the water that has missed so much during the last months. During this week, all the surrounding area changes its color from yellow to green. The monsoon is a very important weather phenomenon in India and even more so in Maharashtra. In two months, it rains the quantities of water needed for the whole year. Low or no monsoons result in increased mortality, reduced harvests or draught issues..

The climate in Aurangabad

High season: from October to March

High season starts in October and ends in March. During this period, everything becomes busy days than others. This is the time when there are the most tourists. It is also the time when there are the most touristic offers comes in hand.
Temperature: Between 24 and 33 degrees
Weather: sunny

Recommended activities: It is the best season to visit the city and its surroundings. The Ellora and Ajanta caves will offer cool and dry spaces to the people from the heat. If you visit  Daultabad fort, the best time is before 11 am, especially if you decide to climb to the top of the fortress.

Most enjoyable months: December and January
Essential things to have: sunscreen, hat or cap, light weight full pants to enter the sacred places.

The off season: from April to June

This season is called off season because few tourists decide to come to Aurangabad. And due to the temperature is high and it makes the visit of the sites extremely painful.

Temperature: Between 38 and 45 degrees

Weather: Sunny and very dry
Recommended Activities: If you decide to come to Aurangabad during the off season, take precautions. For outdoor visits such as Daultabad Fort or Khultabad, it is best to do them in the mornings between 7am to 11am. Ellora caves must also be visited early because the distance between each cave is important (the site is more than 4 kilometers long). The Ajanta caves can be visited at any time of the day but the morning is the best time.
Most enjoyable months: April, because there are only few tourists.
Essential things to have: sunscreen, hat or cap, light pants to enter the sacred places, a bottle of water (at least 1 and half ltr per person)

The low season: from July to September

Even though the temperature is pleasant during this period but coming to Aurangabad result more complicated because of the monsoon. It is necessary to have stops due to the precipitations.
Temperature: Between 29 and 34 degrees
Weather: rain, rain and thunderstorms
Recommended activities: Come during the low season to see Aurangabad from a different angle. The fields and mountains are super green, the trees gets the life back and the vegetation is lush. The disadvantage is getting the rain in between only. The month of July is the best month of the period because the rains are sporadic, it rains a lot but not long.
Most enjoyable months: July
Essential things to have: clothes that protects from the rain but light weight or keep umbrella with you all the time. For cameras or laptops, consider taking a waterproof cover.
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