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Indian cuisine: The best restaurants in Aurangabad

Maharashtra is a state with various culinary cultures. Some restaurants in Aurangabad are must try places to discover local specialities or to have a memorable taste experience.

First of all, there are some details of Indian gastronomy which are must follow:

Non vegetarian, vegetarian, pure vegetarian restaurants:

When you travel to India, you see at least one of these titles on all restaurants. What does that mean?

Non vegetarian restaurant: These types of restaurants serve meat, fish and eggs which are common everywhere around India. Not a country of Vegetarian anymore.

Vegetarian restaurant: In Hindu culture, eating fish, meat and eggs is considered impure. However, many do not follow the dietary restrictions. Some vegetarian restaurants serve eggs.

Pure vegetarian restaurant: this means the most enigmatic for travellers because it exists only in India. Many believe that a pure vegetarian restaurant is a vegan restaurant but it´s not at all. Indeed, still in Hindu culture, milk is considered sacred because it comes from the cow that is Shiva’s ride. Shiva being the god of the most respected and prayed Hindu pantheon. So milk is considered vegetarian by the majority of Indians as a basic element of their diet. So a pure vegetarian restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant that does not serve eggs but milk. Some of them serves Jain food which is another religion in India who do not eat particular type of food like onion or garlic mixed food.


Thali is not a dish but a set of different curry food with rice and chapatis. When you ask for a thali in a restaurant, you will have rice, lentils and several ramekins filled with vegetable or meat preparations. These preparations are called curries. Traditionally, you can ask to be served for free curry many times. Nowadays, many restaurants no longer offer this service.

Chai :

Tea is a real ritual in India. If you are invited to a house or if you go into long negotiations in a shop, you will be offered tea. The Chai has tea powder, sugar (a lot), milk and spices. Each region has its own recipe for making Chai. This is why you will never taste two chai that have the same taste when you change state. Black chai is Dikashin (Hindi word) without milk.

The best restaurants in Aurangabad.


Number 5: Tandoor restaurant

Price: between 200 and 500 rupees per person.

Things to know: the restaurant is little cozy with a simple interior including air conditioning and Egyptian masks, this small restaurant does not make a good impression at first but it has the advantage of being just in front of the station. It’s a non vegetarian restaurant where vegetarians will not find so much. It offers Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Number 4: Keys the Aures

Price: between 500 and 1000 rupees per person with drinks

Things to know: this is the restaurant of 3 star hotel. You can eat on the ground floor or else at the bar on the first floor (unless you want to enjoy the buffet on the ground floor). It is one of the best places to relax and have a drink. Interior is little modern with some music at the bar. Quantities are important so do not order too much at once. Perfect and attentive service. This restaurant combines relaxation and flavor.

Number 3: Yalla Yalla

Price: between 150 and 350 rupees per person.

Things to know: This is one of the most popular restaurants in Aurangabad which is known for non vegetarian food. You will have to wait for a place. Eat outside than inside the hallway because the room is small and very noisy. A blend of Indian and Middle Eastern flavors will make you have a good time. They also offer non-alcoholic cocktails but this is not their speciality. They received the TripAdvisor Award of Excellence in 2017.

Number 2: Kailash restaurant

Price: between 100 and 300 rupees per person

Things to know: We do not recommend coming to Kailash for its decoration or for its atmosphere. We come here for tasty dishes of traditional South Indian and Chinese cuisine. The dosas are the best in town as well as the manchurians. The service is fast and efficient. It is the best value for money in the city. Located not far from the city, it is a good place to eat which is a km away from the train station or on the way to the train station.

Number 1: Mejwani thali restaurant

Price: 250 rupees per person.

Things to know: this restaurant is undoubtedly the best restaurant in the city. Everything is perfect. It is a traditional restaurant (pure vegetarian) of thali. The decoration is a mixture of traditional Indian art (sculpture, painting ) with a touch of modernity in the lighting which can make you feel to eat more and relax.


Feel free to comment, your impressions of these restaurants.


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