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Have you decided to visit Aurangabad and are you looking for some place to sleep? There are many hotels in Aurangabad. How to find the one that suits you? We have a list to help you find your way.

Before revealing our selection of the best hotels in Aurangabad, we give you some tips on choosing your hotel.

How to choose your hotel? Some tips for sleeping well

Aurangabad is not a very budget friendly city to sleep. Since tourism is not very important, hotels are filled with businessmen who come to do business. Rates are not like cheapest place in India. You will not find rooms at less than Rs 500 a night as it is possible in Rajasthan.

1- Choose your location

Choosing the right location for your tour program is essential. Aurangabad is a small city, only 1.5 million people, the city is very extensive. Indeed, there is less infrastructure than 5 floors and residential areas are rather occupied by small houses. In addition, it is necessary to count with the circulation. Like all cities in India, Aurangabad can suffer from traffic jams that increases travel time.

2- Never take a room on the major street side

It may seem obvious but indeed, a hotel room on a main road with a street view can be extremely noisy. In case if you select a hotel that is on a major way, try to request a room with a view of the courtyard. This will allow you to limit the noise coming from outside and you will be able to sleep peacefully

3-Services offered

The same hotel can offer different services for the same room. Evaluate whether the price of the breakfast supplement is worth it. The hotel with a restaurant can also be a plus when you come back from a day of exploration. In any case, the reviews will give you an idea of ​​the quality of hotel services. Do not forget to check them.

4- Rates

The tariff is one of the most important criteria when choosing a hotel. This is perfectly normal. But sometimes for 100 rupees more you can completely change your hotel category. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this upgrade. We advise you to always search by having the widest price range possible. If your budget is 1200 rupees, in filter you can put up to 1600 rupees and evaluate if it’s worth it.

Hotels in Aurangabad

The hotels in Aurangabad can be divided into three categories. Those at reasonable prices, middle class hotels and luxurious hotel

Soft-priced hotels

Zostel: the cheapest option for single travellers

Zostel is an Indian chain of cheap hostel. It is opened in Aurangabad few months ago. If you are travelling alone and in pocket friendly way, it will be the best option for you. A bed in a dormitory ranges from 450 to 500 rupees. It is also very well located on the main way of the city which leads to the airport and the Ellora caves road. For more than two people, it becomes unfruitful or expensive if you take a private room.

Hotel Sparkling Pearl: a caring staff

The Sparkling Pearl Hotel is located east of the city. Rooms without AC are very affordable. They are spacious and all the packages are with the included breakfast which can be taken in the room or in the restaurant on the ground floor. The rooms on the street side have double glazing which allows to have absolute calm at night. On our last visit, the cleanliness was not perfect. We reported it and actions were taken.

Tip: booking sites like offer cheaper rates than the hotel’s website.

Hotel Gurjas

It is the closest to the station. It is located near a busy intersection. All the feedback we got was positive. The staff is friendly. The little more is the newspapers available at the reception. A good way to start the day with the local press. You need to count between 1250 (without air conditioning) and 1450 rupees (with air conditioning). It is in front of one of the best restaurants in the city, Yalla Yalla.

Mid-class hotel

7 Apple

This is one of the new hotels in the city. It has many advantages. The first is the calm of the area where it is located. The second is the presence of a supermarket adjoining the hotel. If you want to buy a bottle of water or an insert, it’s ideal. Finally, it is a chain which guarantees a quality of services and delicious buffet breakfast. The only negative is their Things to Do section … Do not follow their recommendation.

A double room will cost 1800 rupees with breakfast. On their site, they often offer discounts.

Hotel Grand Kailash

This hotel is designed for business trips. The service is worthy of 5 star. Rooms have all the necessary comfort to make your stay a perfect moment of relaxation. It also has a restaurant which is also in our list of the best restaurants in the city. And in the evening if you want to drink a cocktail or a beer, the bar will open its doors.

For a double room, the price starts at 2600 rupees.

Green olive

It is also one of the new hotels in the city. Their service and breakfast are extremely famous in Aurangabad. It is rated 8.7 on, it had the certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor and Zomato (Indian equivalent of Delivero) qualifies it as fabulous. The rooms are smaller than other hotels in the city. But you will find all the necessary comfort for your stay.

The price for a double room with breakfast is about 2300 rupees.

Hotels in Aurangabad for leisure

Rama International hotel

This hotel often offers cultural events like live music or dance performances. The staff will be friendly to make your stay comfortable. It is located on the main way of the city, reaching from the train station or airport is very easy.

It’s the less expensive of the 5-star hotels in the city. One double room costs 6900 rupees.

Lemon tree

This hotel is on the same way of Rama International. Indeed, these two hotels are 500 meters away from each other. Lemon tree is 4 star but the service rivals 5 star. What we prefer is its pool and cafe beside the pool. It’s the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing.

Rates start at 7500 rupees for a double room

Vivanta Taj

It is the most beautiful hotel in the city. The main building is reminiscent of the palaces of Rajasthan. It’s easy to feel in one thousand and one night tale. Everything is subject to wonder in this hotel. It is part of the Taj chain of hotels that has the most beautiful hotels in India. Obviously, this enchantment has a price. The cheapest room cost around 11,300 rupees.

Home stay experience

During your stay in Aurangabad, you also have the opportunity to experience the home stay with a middle-class Indian family. We offer you the opportunity to sleep in the house of a family and share the dinner with them to share cultural exchanges. If you want more information click here.

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