The election results have just published. Aurangabad has a new minister of parliament named Imtiyaz Jaleel. This election gave a hope to Aurangabad. Here are the challenges for the new MP of the city:

Environment protection challenges

Aurangabad has suffered from abandonment for several years. It is urgent to repair damage of the city.

Keeping the city clean

The city does not have a garbage collection system that works effectively. The system is filled with garbage. Several organisations or groups of individuals decided to make clean-up campaigns. It lacks to convince the people to respect their city and use garbage dustbins, sorting out wet and dry waste. From Akvin tourism, we plan to do a neighborhood cleaning campaign of the city.

Preserve water resources like Nehre-e-ambari, one of the biggest challenges

Climate change has terrible consequences in Aurangabad. This year was a year marked by water shortages and drying up of soils. This lack of water has several factors. One of these factors is the disappearance of the city’s natural water reservoirs. Since June 2018, we have been working with NGOs specialized in the regeneration of lakes and rivers.

This is one of our commitment for the development of sustainable tourism in the Aurangabad region. We encourage our new MP to talk about the water conservation projects that we would like to pursue. Avoiding sand mining and planting trees at the Harsul lake will help for water conservation.

Challenges for the development of the city

The city of Aurangabad is more an industrial city than a tourist. For several years, there has been a shortage of work and young people have to go to Pune, Mumbai or even out of Maharashtra. Faced with this, there are several actions to put in place.


Aurangabad is infamous for having one of the worst road networks in the country. The former municipality has done a bad job, because of this undevelopment network, the city loses important opportunities. We will have to make an inventory of roads in Aurangabad and make a plan to find a road network worthy of the tourist capital of Maharashtra. Nashik city, which is 100 kilometers from Aurangabad and is of same area has well maintained roads including cleanliness.

Tourism development and preservation of historical monuments of the city

Since 2014, Aurangabad is considered the tourist capital of Maharashtra. The sites of Ellora and Ajanta which are classified in UNESCO allow the influx of tourists. But Aurangabad remains under development at the tourist level. It’s history and monuments have never been put forward. Tourists only have time to visit Ellora and Ajanta. The majority leaves without knowing the history of the city and without even having seen the main monuments like Bibi ka maqbara, Aurangabad caves, Panchakki, Soneri mahal and even Khultabad.

The tourist potential of Aurangabad is enormous. This capital of India from the seventeenth century begs to be discovered. If tourists stay a day or two more days in Aurangabad, that’s money that will be injected into the local economy. It will also create jobs. Finally the money provided by the tourism will make campaigns of protection for the monuments of the city.

We would like to be able to talk about all the possibilities of tourism development with the new MP so that it benefits the greatest number.

Our suggestions

Akvin tourism has some suggestions for few problems

1) Rain harvesting can be done in all the colonies by charging every home a minimum amount for making a rain harvesting plant in their area itself.

2) making/protection of gardens can be done by collecting service tax from the particular commercial people from that related area or it can be given to the private companies by those businessmen and can be taken care by them itself so we actually see the outcome.

3) Many people has contributed in Air/train/bus connectivity work so making a team of these people and sorting out the issues at ground level than believing on some other authorities.
Airport extension is in the news since many years but nothing has happened so personally taking an initiative by MP by talking with the airlines might help.

4) Recycling plants for plastic and dry waste is needed. Giving Aurangabadkars one rupee per kg for that particularly needed waste will help in getting outcome and will also sort out the garbage issue problem in Aurangabad.
Giving subsidy in the house tax/water charges if people have made biogas system at homes, that will encourage people to make it successful.

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