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Hello dear partners, we wish a happy new year 2018. We hope that this year 2018 will bring you all the happiness you want. This year, we are coming up with new exciting projects. We are so grateful for your support and would like to share our assessment of 2017 and tell you what will come in 2018.

Balance sheet of 2017

We started the guided tour agency by Akvin tourism in January 2017, in order to discover the hidden treasures of Aurangabad and its region.

Our services:

We have 6 different types of tours. We added a new tour and two new services in it. We created a tour around Aurangzeb, the last great Mughal emperor. For two hours, we explore the monuments left by this contested personality of the history of India. This tour allows you to discover the fortifications of the city, the palace and the private mosque of Aurangzeb and finally, the Bibi ka Maqbara. We also offer a taxi service to go to the classified cave sites of UNESCO, Ellora and Ajanta. We started offering these services on the requests of our beloved guests. During this year, we also hosted two big groups, one of 12 people and the other of 8 people. That’s why we will develop a more comprehensive offer for 2018 to meet the better expectations of groups.

Our clients:

We wish to continue to develop the quality of our services.

These are the reviews of our customers:

  • Varun : “For them it seems to be as much a passion to see others discover the beauty of Aurangabad, as it is a business” July 2017
  • Joe: “I enjoyed my time there, wish I could have stayed longer, two days was not enough to see everything.” July 2017
  • Abril: “Akash and Vince are extraordinary tourists guides. Thank you for everything guys!” February 2017
  • Adrienne:”Akash is an outstanding host and a very charismatic, knowledgeable tour guide who speaks excellent English.” December 2017

We would like to continue to improve this quality to bring a unique experience to all our guests.

Our aim:

From the beginning, we decided to engage in sustainable tourism. For this, we are committed to an NGO that has made the integration of women through work. This NGO has several things as activity. We work with the best people to get these amazing bags which are completely handmade by the women of NGO.

Sac pour les courses

Sac pour les courses

We also participate in heritage walks to support the initiative of the Aurangabad history society which aims to spread the knowledge of this historical city to the people of Aurangabad.

Heritage walks in Aurangabad

Finally, we are committed to have a fleet of small, comfortable vehicles. This reduces the carbon gases and does not harm the environment.

Our partnerships:

In February, we received Astrid who works for the Petit Futé. She discovered the treasures of the last Mughal capital. She was very impressed by the monuments she had seen. Suddenly, the guide of the Petit futé of South India has enriched several new pages and especially new description for Aurangabad, Khultabad and Daultabad. We are very proud to be able to work with this guide book which helps tourists discover the region.

What’s new in 2018:

We are integrating the many sites and monuments that we discovered last year in our tours. One of them is particularly special to us is the Antur Fort. This fort dating from the 15th century, is on the crest of a mountain. This makes visit a grandiose and wonderful.

We are also coming up with bicycle tours in Aurangabad to discover places where you cannot go by car like Himayat Bagh and also, to see the old city.



Petite mosquée

Small mosque in Himayat Bagh

We will take advantage of the off-season to become a partner with local artisans to create a network that will provide local crafts or interesting facts to tourists. We will create welcome packs with local handicrafts for all our customers.

And finally, our most important project is the creation of tours in all of Maharashtra. These tours will be of several days to provide a longer, worth experience and a deeper immersion to our customers.

If you wish to follow our projects or be the first to discover new places in Aurangabad, you can subscribe to our newsletter:


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Wish you all again a very happy new year!!!

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